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One Word One World

Your Crypto Keeper

Smart Network is here to change the face of the crypto world by enabling easy, safe, & fast cryptographic operations.

Smart Network Services

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Swap

A “Swap” refers to exchanging one cryptocurrency you hold for the equivalent value of another cryptocurrency. Swapping crypto can be interesting for a number of reasons, including making a profit, or diversifying your portfolio.

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Marketplace

Smart Network marketplace is one of the biggest crypto marketplaces on the web. It enables users and cryptocurrency traders to trade, exchange, buy, or sell their virtual assets.

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Investor's Safety

Taking care of the safety of our users & investors properties is our foremost concern, and we do our best & all to not let it get hurt. Our best-in-class tools & technology help us maintain our clean record.

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Gaming & NFTs

Smart Network offers the best blockchain-based games & NFTs trading experience. Having a vast inventory of games, Smart Network is also trying its hands on Metaverse games. And they will be launched soon.

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Staking

Smart Network staking services allow its users to stake their cryptocurrency and open up a chance to make some extra coins. Earn crypto from crypto.

Smart Network Swap
Smart Network Strong Liquidity

Turn your cryptocurrencies into cash without degrading their prices. Smart Network has a high liquidity value - therefore, the users will never face any issues during the liquidity of their digital assets.

Coin distribution structure

Smart Network protects the rights of digitized assets and mediates.

Smart Network


Ticker Symbol : SNK

Total Supply : 200,000,000

Tax Buy / Sell : 9%


We are applying CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap.





NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace

NFT + Metaverse Games

Smart Network Swap offers a variety of Metaverse games that let you earn NFTs. Smart Network virtual gaming world has innumerable attractions and activities to be entertained, enjoyed, and engaged. The NFTs earned can be used for a medley of purposes like user interactions, buying digital assets, and exchanging with other NFTs.

Some Key Benefits of Smart Network's NFT & Metaverse Gaming World

Impeccably Realistic Experience

NFT Authenticity Guaranteed

Naturalistic Graphics

100% Safe & Secure User Activity

Loaded with Smart Network Special Features

Smart Network Swap

With the Smart Network Swap, you can :

Conduct Fast & Secure Trade

Easy to Use User Interface & Layout

High-End Security


Smart Network Mobile Wallet


  1. PHASE 1

    Smart Network Journey Begins with Research & Concept Creation

    Community Build

    Smart Network Token Launch

  1. PHASE 2

    The Initial Website

    Marketing Push

    Swap Launch

  1. PHASE 3

    Smart Network Audit

    CoinGecko Listing

    Coinmarketcap Listing

  1. PHASE 4

    Development Dapps NFT

    Dapps Launch

    First Minting

  1. PHASE 5

    CEX Listing

    More Partners Coming